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Creative Miracle, God Healed Her Knees!
During the Supernatural Encounter in New Zealand this woman’s knees were completely healed. Now she can do things she hasn’t been able to do for the past 5 years. Miracles happen today! God wants to touch His people and He wants to give you your breakthrough.   Watch the Supernatural Encounter New Zealand HERE.
He Sowed and Received a Supernatural Breakthrough in His Finances
This man testifies of sowing a seed, even when he didn’t have much, he was obedient. Two weeks later his boss gives him a raise in his job. When you listen and obey God’s voice you will see the breakthrough you’ve been needing and desiring!   Need a breakthrough in your life? We are believing […]
Israel Prophetic Tour
This young woman testifies of being baptized in the Jordan River.
Her Student Debts Were Completely Paid Off
This young girl from Boston watched CAP online, she owed $5,000 in school, she didn’t have enough money to sow a seed. But she still sowed whatever money she had. A month later her school called her and informed her someone paid off her student debt. The school also gave her $600 extra. She gives […]
She Found Her True Identity Through The Love of God
This young woman saved up to go to CAP. On the second day Apostle Maldonado activated attendees and she was immersed in God’s love. She testifies that she is a mother and before her encounter with God she didn’t know who she was as a mother or even as a woman. She would drink every […]
People Testify of Receiving Creative Miracles
During CAP many testified of the creative miracles God did. Last year in CAP we were so moved by the way God touched, healed and delivered His people. Did you know that CAP is free this year? All you have to do is register. We want you to receive your miracle and have an encounter […]
God Supernaturally Provided For Their House
This couple sowed a seed at CAP and God spoke to them with three prophetic words. The prophetic words told them to look for a house. In three months God supernaturally provided the downpayment.   What are you expecting God to do this #CAP2018 in your life? Don’t forget CAP is free this year, all you need […]
God Turned Her Life Around
This woman testifies that she used to do drugs and her husband was tired of the type of life she was living. Her husband and her son moved out of the house but her daughter decided to stay with her. But after three months of continuing doing drugs and making poor life choices her daughter […]
Youth Testify of How God Transformed Their Lives
During CGC 2018 we have received powerful testimonies of everything God has done and will continue to do. These youth testify of how God transformed their lives with healing and breakthroughs! This is just a glimpse of what happened during CGC, if you want to watch ALL the sessions, you can watch here.
Youth Evangelize in Time Square and To A Psychic
Nothing is impossible with God! Where are all the bold young people? Those who will prophesy to whoever, pray for the sick and cast out demons in the streets, marketplaces, school or wherever they go?! Don’t wait – Sign up TODAY to watch CGC 2018 online – be part of the movement. #CGC2018
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