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God Brought Breakthrough to Their Business and Finances
After having a successful business for 12 years, God wanted to do more in their lives. When they went to the Supernatural Ministry School they had an encounter with God that changed their lives forever. Their sales increased by thousands of dollars. God gave them favor to open more businesses. Through the supernatural access of […]
Come to Israel This Year
Join us on a transformational trip where you will experience a unique encounter with God’s presence.
Life Changing Testimony. God Gives Little Boy a New Heart!
In the Supernatural Encounter Mexico we witnessed an explosion of miracles, signs and wonders and many testified of the healings and breakthroughs they received. This testimony is a demonstration of the goodness and compassion of God over His children.
Couple Testifies How They Received Spiritual Authority and Breakthrough
This couple experienced a great loss in their business. Even though they were Christians they were not completely committed to God and they were in rebellion. They didn’t understand why these things were happening to them. They were in desperate need for God to intervene in their lives. They knew through their own strength there […]
Woman Traveled From Indonesia To Attend Deborahs
Women come from around the world to be empowered and trained to take their stand as Deborahs.
God Did Creative Miracles in the Lives of Believers
In this video, believers testify of the miracles God did. From deliverance to healing, God worked supernaturally in their lives. We invite you to join us and connect live to our services on Sundays 9AM and 6PM.
Businessmen Need the Power of God
This man explains how businessmen today, around the world, need the supernatural. God is calling men and women to take His kingdom to different areas of society. We invite you to join us January 30 – February 1, 2019, for three days of impartation and activation on the supernatural power of God.   Missed SMS […]
These Women Were Delivered From Depression
These women testify how they battled with depression and suicidal thoughts but Jesus saved them. If you are currently struggling with depression, Jesus is calling you to go into His presence. We encourage you to watch our series on War Against Depression here.
People Empowered In the Supernatural Ministry School
People testify how the Supernatural Ministry School has impacted them. If you want to be activated in the supernatural power of God we invite you to join us January 30 – February 1, 2019 for our Supernatural Ministry School. Learn how to walk in signs, wonders, miracles and bring God’s power to your community. Learn […]
God Restored and Changed His Life
God is restoring men to walk in their purpose and to lift up the priesthood. Join us December 7 -8 for our men’s conference, sign up today!   Watch the conference, live, online HERE.
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