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Holiday Services 2019
This year join us for our special Holiday services! We invite you to bring your family and friends to celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year with us! Christmas Service: Sunday, December 22 9AM- English 11AM- Spanish 6PM- Bilingual   New Year’s Eve Service: In this service we will look back at the previous decade […]
Special Message From Kris Vallotton To All The Men
Men will be inspired to change the world… Transformation, love, strength, identity, purpose is coming to the hearts of men this November 1st-2nd. We are officially 8 days away from Marksmen Men’s Conference! Make sure to secure your spot as one of our guest speakers, Kris Vallotton, will impart a word to all the men […]
3 Reasons You Should Dedicate Your Children
Did you know when you dedicate your children you are setting them apart for Christ. Here are 3 reasons you should dedicate your children to God: First Reason:  Presenting a child gives him or her access to be blessed by God all their life. “Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch […]
There Is Great Purpose in Your Life
You need to take the first step towards your true purpose. But if you don’t know what that first step is…THIS book will definitely help. In this book Guillermo Maldonado explains: What is God’s original intent? What to do when you are going through a process? How to discover your true purpose? And more! His book […]
Special Message To All Men
Men! Don’t miss out on this life changing conference – secure your spot HERE. In today’s society we see many men have given up their responsibilities. They have stepped away and have given those responsibilities to the women. We no longer see men hungry for the things of God, such as fasting, praying, worshipping, meditating on […]
Men it is time you ask yourselves these questions
Secure your spot HERE Redefine what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Today we see that men are not what they were originally created to be. They’ve become passive, lost and distracted by attempting to identify themselves in people, places, and things rather than in the truth. The real identity of […]
Watch CAP 2019 Now!
Over the weekend we had one of the most powerful conferences of the year! We received from incredible speakers. Cindy Jacobs started the conference speaking about the breakthrough anointing. During this session generational curses were broken off through the manifestation of our limitless God. Renny McLean encouraged people to focus on their purpose and not allow […]
Fast Produces A Change -Don’t Give Up Yet!
Do you want change to occur in your life? Or do you want to repeat your old cycles and patterns of defeat? Unless you have a season of renewal, you will repeat those old cycles. When you fast and pray you are allowing God to take control. God not only sets us free from negative […]
This is Your Chance to Visit Israel
In this life-changing trip you will have the chance to be part of this prophetic tour. This will build and affirm an atmosphere in Israel through intense prayer, immersive worship, and powerful impartations. We will be traveling to Israel on October 10-16, 2019. This date falls during one of the most special feasts of the […]
CAP 2019: Need Motivation to Fast? 
It is important that throughout the fast you have expectations for what God will do.  Expectation is faith in motion.   Your expectation is what keeps your faith moving. There are demons the enemy sends to limit your faith and lower your expectations. When you feel you can no longer believe, you must break those thoughts.  […]
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