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Stress Free Living Book: Chapter 1
A Stressful World A recent Gallup poll found that more than a third of the world’s population experiences a lot of worry and stress. Stress is having such a negative effect in the U.S., where nearly half of Americans say they’re suffering from it, that it’s eating away at their overall well-being, according to the […]
5 Qualities of a SUPERHERO Dad
The qualities that make up a good father have changed throughout generations. But there are certain things that remain true. The following are some of the qualities that are found in our heavenly Father’s character and that a true father has and practices as a lifestyle.   1. Purpose-Driven: A true father is not driven […]
Supernatural Ministry School Summer 2019
Join us June 26 -28, in our Supernatural Ministry School. There you will be equipped and activated to destroy the attacks of the enemy and fully step into your call. For more information click HERE. Reserve your spot here.
How to Refocus
Amidst the distractions that surround us daily, we need to learn to refocus ourselves, so as not to lose the promises of God. Only by doing so are we able to fulfill our purpose in life, accomplish our goals, and be productive. However, before moving on to giving some advice regarding how to refocus ourselves, I want to establish what […]
5 Reasons To Come To CAP 2019
CAP is our largest empowerment Conference of the year. Thousands of men and women come from around the world to be empowered. CAP is a conference where the impossible becomes possible.   Here are 5 reasons you should come to CAP this year: 1.Uniting with the global church. People from all walks of life, different […]
These past CAP attendees have something to say…
Thousands have witnessed the power and presence of God during our previous CAP. Many left empowered, healed and activated to take that same power to their nations.   Get your tickets today – Click Here.
CAP 2019 Special Guest Announcement
We are proud to finally announce our special guest for CAP 2019.   Register today click HERE
Experience the LIMITLESS God
Come encounter the God of no limits, who knows no impossibilities. By His own power He can do more than we can ever imagine. Get your tickets NOW- Click Here.
Easter Fest 2019 Recap
We want to take this time to give all the glory to God for all the miracles, deliverance, salvation and celebration that took place during Easter Fest 2019. We can truly say that this was the best Easter Fest we’ve ever had… Thank you to everyone who participated in this community event and for being part […]
Easter Fest 2019
A day of miracles and celebration for the whole family, April 21, 2019. Activities for kids (from 10 AM – 4 PM): Carnival rides & bounce houses Petting zoo Balloons Candy hunt DJ Food trucks Giveaways Photo booth
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