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More Preachings
How to live in the presence of God
Overcoming a Hard Knock Life
The Resurrection of Jesus: Easter Sunday
Your Testimony of Jesus is a Weapon 2
Your Testimony of Jesus is a Weapon
Jesus, Our Greatest Friend!
Understanding What True Love Is: Part 3
How To Pray When You Feel Depressed
Understanding What True Love Is: Part 2
Understanding What True Love Is
How To Walk in Compassion And Love
Do You Know The Good News? The Good News of the Gospel
How To Claim What Belongs To You Through Prayer?
Returning to God’s Presence
Perfect Love Misunderstood
Victory Over Adversity
The Priestly Blessing
The Promise of Jesus During Difficult Times
Who is Jesus? Part 2: (The person of Jesus and His Humanity)
Who is Jesus? (The Revelation of Jesus)
Tips on Getting Ready for The New Year
Jesus: The Reason for The Season
Fight Your Battles From Victory
Jesus is Coming Soon: The Rapture of the Remnant Bride
The Prayer Series Part 4: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
The Greatest Awakening Is Now
The Reality of Heaven and Hell
The End Time Revival
Believing For Your Breakthrough
How to Effectively Lead in Times of Crisis.
End Time Shaking and Revival
The Prayer Series Part 3: Hallowed Be His Name
The Prayer Series Part 2: How To Pray From The Position Of A Son?
The Prayer Series Part 1: How To Get Your Prayers Answered
Your Struggle Is Not Your Identity
How To Keep Your Deliverance
How To Be Free From Sexual Bondage?
Emotional Deliverance
Winning the War in Your Mind
How to Be Set Free from Addictions
How to Be Set Free From Your Own Will?
Why Do We Need Deliverance?
Creativity and Divine Intelligence
Back 2 School Backpack Slam
Myths, Misconceptions, and The Truth About Deliverance
Four Commonly Asked Questions About Deliverance
If you live in the U.S., read this!
What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?
Why the body of Christ needs to return to the house of God! 
Five Facts About Prayer
What Every Believer Should Know About the Holy Spirit
How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
4 Things That Initiate Breakthrough
How to Walk Under Open Heavens?
Prayer Changes Things
The Glory of New Life and the Resurrection of Jesus
Why Should You Attend Bible School?
Why You Must Transition to the New Glory
Cleansing the Bride of Christ for His Return
The Glory of New Life
Why Does the Church Need Revival Today?
The Transition to the Latter Glory
Red Light District: Part 1
How to Win the Battle in the Spirit?
The Heart of God the Father
Building a Culture of Love in the Church
Resting in God
It’s Time We Stand
The Necessity of the Supernatural
What is a Prophetic Alert?
Coming Into Unusual Favor
How Do You Gain Favor?
Honoring God with our First Fruits
How to Develop A Relationship with God?
The Battle Of The Mind
The Benefits of Firstfruits
The Truth About The Coming of Christ
The Goodness of God During This Year
Do You Believe God Is A God of Miracles?
3 Keys to Having An Effective Prayer Life
How to Pray Against the Attacks of the Enemy?
The War Between Good and Evil
The Purpose of Sufferings: 7 Reasons Why God Allows It
8 Keys Every Successful Kingdom Leader Needs
What Does God Ask of Christians When Voting?
How the Jewish Feasts Point to God’s Last-Days Timetable
The Partaking of His Sufferings
Why Does God Allow Us To Go Through Sufferings?
What is Yom Kippur?
Your Praise is a Weapon
The Power of the Plow
The Highest Calling
The Importance of Watchmen
Essential Biblical Principles for Leadership
The Parable of the Weeds in These Times
Going Through A Hard Time?
Why Does God Allow Trials?
Why Has The Warfare Intensified?
How Does the Word of God Produce Faith?
How Do I Know If I Am Truly in the Presence of God?
The Evidence of the Presence of God
How To Abide In The Presence? The Presence of God Revealed.
Is Your Faith Being Tested?
How You Can Obtain Victory Over Your Crisis!
What If I Don’t Feel The Presence of God?
Restoring the Presence of God
The Purpose of God and Crisis
The Revival Has Already Begun
What Does the Olympics Have To Do With the Call To Revival?
You Are Revival
Are You Ready to be Consumed by a Revival?
The Reset
Do you recognize the times we are living in?
End Time Economy
The Second Coming
Why do we watch and pray?
Why We Need Revival Now?
Why We Need to Watch and Pray
Watch and Pray
What is Your Faith Founded On?
Revival Starts With You
No Matter What, You Must Keep Moving Forward
Persevere At Any Cost
What You Need to Know About the Father’s Blessing
A Fresh Baptism of Fire
Standing Together, United as One
What Will Happen in This New Era?
End Time Pentecost: The Beginning of a New Era
What Does Pentecost Prophetically Represent?
The Restoration of the Altar: Rebuilding Your Altar with God
How to Have Peace in Times of Crisis?
The Faithful God In An Uncertain World
Victory Over Depression
The Faithful God In An Uncertain World
4 Powerful Steps to a Quick Spiritual Breakthrough
What Are You Thinking?
End Time Economy (The Final Reset)
Need A Reset In Your Life?
7 Traits All Godly Women of Influence Have
Why Creative Miracles Are Available to All Believers
How to Have Unshakable Faith During Times of Crisis?
How to Have Unshakable Faith
How to Overcome Fear
The Greatest Victory: The Power Of The Blood
How to Have Breakthrough Prayer in Times of Crisis
The Necessity Of The Supernatural
Why Believe in Jesus: Chapter 1
Peace in Times of Crisis and How to Overcome
The Power of the Blood of Jesus
What Is Going On In the World?
King Jesus Ministry Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Are You Living by Faith or By Fear?
The Purpose of Revival
Revival: Restoring The Presence of God
End Time Revival: What Revival Really Is
Revival Starts With You
God Wants You To Know Him
Stepping into the Unknown
Why Serving Matters
Overcome The End Time Shaking
This Anointing Will Empower You to Fulfill Your Divine Assignment
Anointing and Divine Connection
End Time Revival
The Law of First Fruits
The Church Must be Alert
Do Not Skip The Process
The Ways of God Pertaining to Healing
The Times We Are Living In
The Ultimate Remedy for This Destructive Trait
Why We Need A Revival Now
Process for Purpose
A Fresh Infilling Of The Holy Spirit
Feeling Spiritually Dry and Defeated?
Putting God First
The Revelation of Honor
Building Expectation For 2020
Redemption and Vision for 2020
The Revelation of Jesus Part 2: Why Believe in Jesus?
The Revelation of Jesus
Celebrating Victory: What is the Importance of Praise?
What is Praise?
War Against the Spirit of Jezebel: Identifying this Spirit
The Process For Purpose
What You Need To Know About The Spirit of Jezebel
Mysteries of Divine Purpose: The Original Intent From God
The Power of The Blood
What Season Are You In?
The Midnight Cry
The Mysteries of the Presence of God
Preparing for Purpose
The Mysteries of the Purpose of God
Encountering the Presence of God
The Presence
Anointed for Purpose and Destiny 
Breakthrough Anointing 
Faith Goes Beyond Expectation
Limitless God
End Time Signs: What Are They and Why Are They Happening?
Serving In The Kingdom of God
How The Blood of Jesus Sets Us Free
Contamination and Cleansing
How To Make The Word of God Part of Your Daily Life
What is a Vow?
The Power of the Vow
Steps To Freedom
The Healing of a Broken Heart: The Steps To Freedom
Healing The Broken Heart
Is Salvation A One Time Thing?
The Holy Calling and Purpose
How to Have Breakthrough Prayer
Signs of the Remnant 
Miracles Require These Three Things
The Grace of God: Our Motivation
Above All Things You Must Guard Your Heart
The Healing of A Broken Heart
How to Live a Life Free From Stress
The Restoration of the Presence of God
Step Out of Stagnation and Arise
Dreams Are Part of The Outpouring
Perseverance Matters
4 Things That Provoke the Move of the Spirit
Change the Narrative of Your Nation
You Have More Authority Than You Think
Spiritual Warfare: Spirit of Jezebel 
We Should Not Allow our Emotions to Control Us
Change Starts In The Heart
How to be a Benefactor in the Kingdom of God
The Restoration of Fatherhood
What the Role of the Father Really Is
What Is Pentecost Sunday? Why Do We Celebrate It?
How Do You Know You Were Baptized in the Spirit?
It Is Time You Get Rid of Stress
How to Walk in Supernatural Faith?
What Are You Expecting for the Rest of the Year?
Women of God in This Generation
7 Things All Godly Women of Influence Have in Common
The Marks of a Woman of God
What Are the Marks of a True Woman of God?
Inner Healing and Deliverance
Are You Free From Your Past or Are You Blindly Burying It?
Why Prayer Is Important For Our Lives
Three Breakthrough Prayer Principles
Essential Revelations of the Resurrection
3 Things Every Believer Must Know
Spiritual Warfare: The Power Of The Vow
How A Vow To God Can Change Your Situation
The Shekinah and Kabod Glory
Spiritual Warfare: The Status of the Enemy
How to Remove Any Authority the Enemy Has Over You?
Spiritual Warfare: Rebellion
Rebellion Will Not Lead You To Victory
Spiritual Warfare
It Is Worth Fighting For
Why It Is Hard to Love People
Spiritual Authority
How to Walk in the Love of God
The Mystery of Love Part 3
Love Through Truth, Discipline and Obedience
The Mystery of Love Part 2
What the True Love of God Is
Purposes of Accusations
The Mystery of Love
Do Not Let Your Heart Grow Cold
The I Am
The Will of God
The Shaking of the End Times
Deliverance from a Jezebel Spirit
How To Build Your Faith?
Training in Miracles and Healings
What Happens When We Fast?
7 Things Happen When You Fast
How to Know the Will of God?
How to Pray and Know the Will of God?
Access to the Presence and Power: Breakthrough Fast
How Worship Leads to Peace
Why Men Should Pray?
How to Find Rest In A Chaotic World?
Breakthrough In Our Impossibilities
The Goodness of God
The True Marks of the Sonship Part 2
Why You Need The New Mantle
The True Marks of The Sonship
What To Do When You Have Unanswered Prayers?
End Time Disappointments
How to Receive a New Mantle?
End Time Distractions Part 2
The Foundation of the Prophetic
What Does the Spirit of Prophecy Mean?
End Time Distractions
The Vision of the New Mantle
Fresh Oil and End Time Distractions
Why Do We Need A Fresh Infilling of the Spirit?
How to Use the Word of God to Pray
The Secret Place of Prayer
Praying with the Word of God
Why Does God Want Us To Fast?
How Fasting Can Result in Your Breakthrough
The Priority of Prayer
How to Pray from a Position of Justice
Prayers of the Righteous
Why Is There an Absence of Priesthood in the Church?
What Does Restoring the Priesthood Mean?
Are You Walking in the Vision God Has for Your Life?
What Happens When You Have Vision?
Who Are You Called To Be?
Spiritual Warfare on Finances
How to Receive Financial Breakthrough?
Spiritual Warfare in the Mind: How to be Free from Demonic Thoughts
What to do When the Devil Attacks Your Mind?
The Importance of the Gift of Tongues
What are Strongholds?
How to be Free From Demonic Strongholds
The Mysteries of Tongues Part 1
How to Be Free From Temptations?
True Marks of Sonship
Consequences of Being Removed from the Presence of God
How to be Mobilized in Intercession and Prayer
The Deep Cries Out
Identity as Sons and Daughters of God
Distractions and Disappointments
How to Overcome Persecution
The Glory and the Goodness of God
Obedience and Opportunities
How to Deal With Accusations?
The Mysteries of the Power of God
Accusations and Persecutions of the End Times
End Time Prayer and Intercession: SMS Summer 2018
The Restoration of the Priesthood
Divine Order: SMS Summer 2018
God Secrets: SMS Summer 2018
Exploring the Prophetic: SMS Summer 2018
End Time Prayer and Intercession: SMS Summer 2018
Mentoring in the Prophetic Gift: SMS Summer 2018
Moral Authority: SMS Summer 2018
Divine Order
The Mystery of Praying in Tongues
Having Trouble Hearing God?
The Faith That Releases the Supernatural
End Time Strategies of the Enemy: SMS Summer 2018
Moral Authority
Understanding Sonship: SMS Summer 2018
7 Strategies the Enemy Uses to Stop You
Understanding Sonship
How to Move Forward in Life
Supernatural Encounter Jamaica
What Does it Mean to be a Child of God?
True Marks of Sonship
Fatherhood and Sonship
What is the True Meaning of Fatherhood?
Is My Faith Generational?
How to Overcome Disappointments
End Time Disappointments
How to Stay Focused
How to Overcome Distractions
Supernatural Encounter New Zealand
End Time Intercession
Intercession From the Secret Place
9 Things About Prayer
Submission, Unity and Calling
How To Be Free From Shame
Authority and Submission
Free From Shame
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Maturity Begins With Responsibility
Boldness and Perseverance
The Law, Order and Boundaries of the Family
The History Behind Our Tabernacle
What Does Praying in Tongues Produce?
The Best of Deborahs 2017 Part 1
Hidden in His Presence
What Happens When You Pray in Tongues?
3 Ways To Develop Your Calling
Ethiopia 2018 Special
The Benefits of Praying in Tongues
6 Things You Need To Know About Praying in Tongues
The Best of SMS 2018 Part 2
What is Praying in Tongues?
Discover the Mysteries of Praying in Tongues
The Best of SMS 2018 Part 1
The Devil Knows Who You Are, Do You?
How to Find Your True Identity
The Lost Tribes of Israel
What is the Power of the Resurrection?
The Power of The Resurrection
How to Seek the Presence of God
The Danger of Losing the Presence of God
The Father’s Blessing
What Happens When the Presence of God is Removed?
Five Signs God is Calling You into Ministry
Why You Stopped Feeling The Presence of God
God First: House of Prayer
Difference Between Grace and Presence
Glory vs. Presence
Do You Accept Responsibility for Your Actions?
3 Keys to Success Society Ignores
End Time Chosen Remnant
How To Find The One?
What is the Husband’s Role in Marriage?
The Demonstration of the Spirit and Power
Marriage 101: The Hard Truths About Marriage
What is the Principle of Headship?
Why Did God Establish A Headship?
The Birthing of a Mega Economy
Is There Iniquity In My Tongue?
The Law, Order and Boundaries of the Family
Gender Roles in Christianity: Why is the Husband the Head of the Household?
The Evidence of Mega Faith
What is Your Source?
Why Do You Limit God Only To Your Needs?
Faith for the End Time
The Gift Imparted Through the Holy Spirit.
What Happens in the Mega Cycle?
Who is a Son/Daughter of God?
What is the Blessing from the Father?
Reflection to the New
5 Things You Need to Know About Prayer
What Is The Truth About Prayer?
The Need of the Holy Spirit
Things the Church Must Have as a House of Prayer
What Should The Church Be About?
What is a Mega Cycle?
What Can You Expect in 2018?
The Importance of the Feasts in a New Year
What is the Revelation of Jesus?
7 Powerful Ways to Overcome Fear and Depression
What is the Danger of Living in Fear?
End Time Signs: A Call to Repentance
How to Deal with Depression During the Holidays
Why Do We Get Depressed During the Holidays?
How To Identify the Signs
The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
Are You Supposed to Fear God? Fear of God in the Bible
The Fear of God vs The Fear of Man
Carriers of His Presence
How Empowered Are You by the Holy Spirit?
8 Steps to Beat Depression
How To Overcome Sadness and Depression
The Origin of the Supernatural Power of God
How Will The Truth Set You Free?
How To Have A Deeper Relationship With God?
Attitude of Gratitude
Vision or Ambition?
What is Your Purpose?
The Mysteries of the Supernatural Power of God
The Secrets To Increase Your Faith
How to Receive the Mega Faith
How to Overcome Fear for Good?
Overcoming Fear with Boldness
What Does Faith Look Like in the Face of Trials?
The Evidence of the Mega Faith in You
Pursuing Prophecy
Faith in the Storm
End Time Mega Faith
The Blessings of God
End Time Chosen Remnant
End Time Chosen Remnant
How to Hear the Voice of God
How to hear God?
End Time Signs
The Demonstration of the Holy Spirit and Power
3 Things You Need To Know About the End Times
The Demonstration of the Holy Spirit and Power
What God is Saying to the Body of Christ Today
Carriers of His Presence
The Prophetic
The End Times
What God is Saying to the Body of Christ Today
Carriers of His Presence
How to Hear From God?
What is Your Focus in the Midst of the Chaos?
The Power of Prayer
Times of Restitution
A Call To Repentance
The Cleansing and Washing of the Bride
End Time Signs: The Second Coming of Christ
Faith the Starting Point of the Supernatural
Feeling spiritually emotionally weak?
What the Prophet Sees
End Time Remnant
Spiritual Immaturity
The Power of Fatherhood
Appropriation of the Supernatural Power Through the Dying of Self
The Origin of Worship
Purpose, Calling, and Career Part 2
Appropriation of the Supernatural Power Relationship
Purpose, Calling, and Career
Heavenly Visitation and the Miraculous
The Importance and the Relevance of His Resurrection
An Encounter with the Holy Spirit
The Life of Christ In the Now
Faith of the End Times
Worship of the End Time
Character and Maturity
An Intimate Relationship With God Part 2
An Intimate Relationship With God
Intimacy with God
The Blessings from the Father
VISION DAY: Sending Out Disciples, HOP Leaders & Mentors.
The Impartation of the Holy Spirit
Miracles in the House of God
Pastor Benny Hinn: A Night of Miracles
The Meaning of Jubilee
CAP 2016 Holy Spirit Encounters
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