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Spiritual Warfare on Finances
God wants to break strongholds of poverty over your life. Religion wants you bound because it knows when you prosper in all areas it will bring breakthrough not only for you but for His kingdom. Watch the full preaching HERE.
What to do When the Devil Attacks Your Mind?
Don’t let the enemy build strongholds out of lies that prevent you from walking in the purpose God designed for you! Jesus destroyed Satan, that is why you can be free from strongholds and bondages today because Jesus overcame them. Watch the full preaching HERE.
What are Strongholds?
Strongholds are built on lies. People try to use reason to make the lie real. When you accept the lie, when you believe it, it accumulates in your mind until it becomes a stronghold. Watch the full preaching HERE.
How to Be Free From Temptations?
You must surrender to Jesus in order to truly be free. If you want to be free from temptations, oppressions, corrupt desires you must give it all to Jesus. Allow Him to work in your life, but there must be a change and true surrender. Watch the full preaching HERE.
True Marks of Sonship
Watch the full session here!   Your identity is who you are in God, and who God is in you. It is a position in the spiritual realm, a place. There is tremendous power when we know our identity, for everything in God begins with a state of being. The “I AM” side of God. God is […]
The Glory and the Goodness of God
God’s glory is shown to all. He allows people to see His goodness so people can repent. But His presence will only be manifested to those who have a relationship with Him. You must actively seek Him and learn to receive directly from God.   Discover our new video on demand platform. Access the supernatural anywhere […]
Obedience and Opportunities
If you want opportunities in your life you must be obedient to God. God will open doors for you and give you supernatural favor but it requires obedience. Watch the full preaching HERE.
The Mysteries of the Power of God
If you enjoyed this word make sure you sign up for our CGC youth conference, you can watch it ONLINE live, for more powerful revelation like this. If you are part of this remnant we want YOU to join us July 27 – 28, for our CGC conference, “Movement of the Remnant”   God is […]
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