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The Foundation of the Prophetic
Believe the prophets and you will prosper. When a church removes the prophetic they will lack prosperity. God wants His people to move in the prophetic because they will get a deeper understanding of who He is and what He wants to reveal in the now. Watch the full preaching HERE.
Fresh Oil and End Time Distractions
The oil represents the infilling, power, and favor of the Holy Spirit within us. It represents renewal and refreshing, and oil always represents the Holy Spirit. These are all elements of the anointing. The church desperately needs the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit. The foolish had lamps, but did not receive of new infilling […]
How to Pray With the Word
There is power that is generated by the word of God. Jesus himself said that we should repeat and speak the word.  We need to look at Jesus and do as He did in the desert. When we pray, we must pray and speak on what is written in His word. When the enemy attacks […]
How Fasting Can Result in Your Breakthrough
God wants us to have a strong relationship with him. When we fast, we will obtain a sharper spiritual ear to hear the voice of God.  God also wants us to fast because it is a way for us to recognize that without Him, we can do nothing.   Watch the full preaching HERE. Send in […]
How to Pray from a Position of Justice
You cannot ask God anything until you know where you stand. Any area in your life that is not right with God, that is the area the enemy can accuse you. That will result in your prayers not being answered.   Watch the full preaching HERE.   Pre-order the book “Breakthrough Prayer” HERE.
Why Is There an Absence of Priesthood in the Church?
In prayer and intercession, your identity is always that of the priest. If you pray as a priest, no matter your age or culture, you will know your identity in prayer.   Watch the full preaching HERE.
Are You Walking in the Vision God Has for Your Life?
Those who are committed, those who run with the vision and those who are prepared will be able to receive the things God has for them.   Watch the full preaching HERE.
Spiritual Warfare on Finances
God wants to break strongholds of poverty over your life. Religion wants you bound because it knows when you prosper in all areas it will bring breakthrough not only for you but for God´s kingdom. Watch the full preaching HERE.
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