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The Power Of The Vow
The Bible shows us several ways on how we can be prosperous. But one of the ways is through a vow. A vow is a promise to God. When you give something to Him as a sacrifice He will deliver. You are allowing God to intervene.   This year, as a ministry we have strongly […]
The Shekinah and Kabod Glory
There are many manifestations of the glory of God. One of them is the Shekinah glory. Shekinah means, the special presence of God, where God reveals Himself. The Kabod glory determines the weight of the glory. God’s glory is throughout the earth and He wants all His people to experience it. Connect to our online service this […]
Spiritual Warfare: The Status of the Enemy
The devil is defeated, dethroned, disarmed and destroyed.  Jesus took away the enemy’s legal right to destroy us and gave us dominion and power to overcome him. So, why is it that so many believers still struggle to have victory in their life? Watch this video now and learn how to identify the attacks of the enemy […]
Spiritual Warfare: Rebellion
The moment we begin to rebel is the moment we give the enemy legal right. It’s the moment Satan comes into that person and takes them away from their purpose if they do not repent. However, God made a way for us. Through Jesus we have the victory.   Connect to our online service this Sunday, March 31, […]
Spiritual Warfare
Your passion is not complete until you hate the works of the devil. You cannot let the devil invade any part of your territory. You need to declare over your life that you are a fighter, you are a warrior, you are victorious. Anything that is of God is worth fighting for.   Connect to our online […]
Why It Is Hard to Love People
The compassion and mercy of God is what leads us to love the broken and moves us to make a difference everywhere we go. If we don’t love God first, we cannot love anyone else. When we know how to love God and seek Him first, it’s easier to love people. Watch the full preaching here.
The Mystery of Love Part 3
Your responsibility is not to change people, it’s to love them; trust God do the rest. Love must be demonstrated. If it is not demonstrated, it is not the true love of God. Perfect love must always be demonstrated into this world. Watch the full preaching here.
The Mystery of Love Part 2
God decided to love without limits or restrictions. It is the essence of who He is. Where He is, there is love. This is the definition of true love: God’s love is supernatural, eternal, limitless, unconditional, and above and beyond reason and human imagination.   Watch the full preaching here.
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