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Why Does God Allow Trials?
This pandemic wasn’t meant to destroy you. Sometimes we ask ourselves “why is God allowing this trial?” or “why did God cause this trial?”   If you only knew God wants the best for you. He doesn’t cause harm to come upon us but if He is allowing a trial or in this case a […]
Why Has The Warfare Intensified?
Have you asked why are things intensifying? Why are the trials intensifying? There’s a reason for everything!   Watch this preaching and be empowered to persevere because God is about to intensify your blessings and breakthrough.   Watch more preachings here.
The Evidence of the Presence of God
For anyone who is burdened right now, listen to this message to know how to find rest in God’s presence.   Watch more preachings here.
How To Abide In The Presence? The Presence of God Revealed.
Your miracle begins in the presence of God. The best place we could be in days of trouble and crisis is His presence, where we have fullness of all things, where we find rest and joy.   Watch the full message on KINGJESUS.TV
Is Your Faith Being Tested?
If your faith is being tested, this message is for you! There is no question we are all facing a global crisis, but in the midst there will also be personal crisis that will test your faith. During all trials, we must stand strong in our faith! Crisis helps us grow and mature and in […]
How You Can Obtain Victory Over Your Crisis!
Every person is bound to face a crisis eventually in their life. A crisis is the place where God meets man. It’s the place where we get to know the supernatural God. Every storm we face, we have to see it as an opportunity for a miracle.   Full message will be available in our […]
The Purpose of God and Crisis
All crisis reveal who your source is. Not everything is to be trusted. If you trust money chances are you will lose it. You are never told to trust things. No scripture tells you to trust things, because things change. Your faith is to be in God who is eternal.     Watch more preachings […]
Why We Need Revival Now?
We are on the verge of the greatest revival yet. When God’s glory and kingdom are manifested that is when we see revival. Revival is heaven invading earth.   What is the purpose of revivals? To restore the church. Restore the truth that was lost. To further advance the Kingdom of God. Revival will always […]
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